EBC*L Costing English

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This course is an ideal study guide to prepare for the EBC*L exam. It deals
with the costing and pricing module of EBC*L Level A.

Cost accounting provides the instruments to render a highly competitive and uncertain business environment more calculable. Accordingly, every company would be well advised to adopt some form of cost accounting system, even if it is only a simple one.

The general learning objectives of this book are to be able to explain the most important objectives, tasks and key concepts of cost accounting, the economic background of entrepreneurial decision-making (markets, customers, competition, cost of sales), the significance of the contribution margin as a central concept in cost accounting, and calculate it, the objectives and basic structure of cost centre accounting and profit centre accounting and giving reasons why cost awareness and entrepreneurial thinking are necessary.

A topic which is often classed as complicated and overly theoretical is made accessible in a short time and in an entertaining manner even to people with no previous business knowledge.