EBC*L Investment Analysis English

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Planning Knowledge

The graduates know how to draw up business plans for projects and enterprises under economic criteria and have the necessary know-how to develop budgets. It includes the most significant economic planning instruments such as marketing plans, ABC or UBS analysis. This level also includes knowledge necessary for the realisation of strategies to meet corporate objectives and to take the appropriate measures.


  • Financial Planning (Budgeting)
  • Pre-Investment Analysis and Profitability Analysis


The structure of the EBC*L Level B examination is similar to that of Level A. There are knowledge questions, comprehension questions as well as one case study which all have to be answered in the candidate’s own words (no multiple-choice questions). The basis of the Level B examination regarding the contents is the EBC*L Learning Target Catalogue Level B (the Level B examination is divided into two parts). The examination EBC*L Level B consists of

  • 12 knowledge questions
  • 3 comprehension questions
  • 1 case study

Part 1

Length: 90 minutes

  • Goals, methods and instruments of business plan design
  • Marketing and sales

Part 2

Length: 90 minutes

  • Financial planning (budgeting), investment analysis and financing


It is possible to only do one of these partial examinations at a time.

To successfully pass the examination, 75 % of 80 points must be obtained.